Lamar is a composer and songwriter based in the USA.

Welcome, filmmakers!

I will help you tell your story with the right music—

and music that will help make the film unforgettable. 
Even though music isn’t the focus of the film, it’s one of the key roles—because it communicates emotion and provides energy.
I bring a film background to the table, and I draw upon film history to inform my approach to scoring—using the powerful elements of melody, motif, rhythm, texture, atmosphere, and surprise! 
Most importantly, my music improves under the direction and vision of the primary storyteller, the director!
My previous projects include the genres of romantic comedy, drama, western, action-adventure, documentary, and horror.
I write for full orchestra, small ensembles, electronic instruments, and a hybrid of them all. (Please request a custom reel for your project at:
  1. The Rescue Lamar Holley 1:34
  2. Love's Labour's Found Lamar Holley 1:22
  3. Shelter from the Storm Lamar Holley 0:46
  4. Learning to Soar Lamar Holley 1:35
  5. Behind the Glass Lamar Holley 1:15
  6. Unexpected Discovery Lamar Holley 1:58
  7. Chasing the Treasure Lamar Holley 1:33
  8. Love's Labour's Laughs Lamar Holley 1:27
  9. A Child's Terror Lamar Holley 1:45
  10. Splashing Through Puddles Lamar Holley 0:45
  11. Unlocking the Past Lamar Holley 1:02
  12. Chicago Bridges Lamar Holley 2:58
  13. A Step Ahead Lamar Holley 0:30
  14. Innocence Lost Lamar Holley 0:53
  15. Lost in the Crowd Lamar Holley 1:18
  16. Death Moves Closer Lamar Holley 0:30
  17. One Last Look Lamar Holley 1:28
  18. Night Full of Stars Lamar Holley 1:32
  19. Sunlight and Shadow Lamar Holley 0:41
  20. The Wait Lamar Holley 1:13
  21. Eade's Theme Lamar Holley 1:45
  22. When the World Wept Lamar Holley 0:47
  23. Missing You Lamar Holley 2:04
  24. In the Forest Lamar Holley 0:47
  25. Distant Memories Lamar Holley 0:42
  26. Just Out of Reach Lamar Holley 1:14
  27. Photographs Lamar Holley 1:27
  28. Do You Know Me? (Photographs Reprise) Lamar Holley 1:56
  29. Sunrise (complete short film score) Lamar Holley 4:54
  30. From Village to City Lamar Holley 2:22
  31. Falling to Pieces Lamar Holley 3:14