1. Gentle Stirrings Lamar Holley 1:00
  2. Memories of Mother Lamar Holley 1:19
  3. Morning Banter Lamar Holley 0:38
  4. Scrapbook Lamar Holley 0:52
  5. Awkward Moments Lamar Holley 0:40
  6. Jacob's Theme Lamar Holley 1:25
  7. Unexpected Discovery Lamar Holley 1:32
  8. The Rescue Lamar Holley 1:28
  9. Escape in the Shadows Lamar Holley 0:47
  10. Preparing for Battle Lamar Holley 1:22
  11. Across the Moors Lamar Holley 1:43
  12. Learning to Soar Lamar Holley 1:35
  13. Unlocking the Past Lamar Holley 1:02
  14. Shelter from the Storm Lamar Holley 0:46
  15. Sisters Lamar Holley 1:15
  16. Salem Anthem Lamar Holley 1:13
  17. Facing Her Accusers Lamar Holley 1:21
  18. Lighting an Old Flame Lamar Holley 1:11
  19. Confession Lamar Holley 1:22
  20. End Credits Lamar Holley 1:40
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Chasing the Treasure” — Adventure Theme (ft. Budapest Scoring)

Lamar Holley is a film and TV composer and songwriter.

Besides his compositions for Warner Chappell which have been used in TV or film in many countries, Lamar’s film scores include Turning PagesYoung Heroes, and Our Mother, which was an official selection at the Toronto International Women Film Festival in 2022.

Also a lyricist and composer of musical theater, Lamar wrote the songs for The Berlin Candy BomberMount Olympus MusicalAncient: The Musical, and The Middle Ages Musical.

Lamar Holley has a Master’s in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music. He also studied composing for drama and TV with John Lunn, composer of Downton Abbey and The Last Kingdom.

Lamar writes for full orchestra, small ensembles, electronic instruments, and a hybrid of them all.